06/14/2022 [TEKKEN World Tour 2022] Registration are now being accepted for the Regional Qualifiers!

# To players

  • Registration for the Regional Qualifiers for the "TEKKEN World Tour 2022" will be accepted until Sep. 27, 14:59 (GMT).
    • In addition to start.gg, players can earn points in Challonge and Tonamel Dojo tournaments.
    • In order for your points to be reflected in the rankings, you will need to connect your account to each bracket system.

# Features of TEKKEN World Tour 2022

  1. Ranking points can be earned in both online and offline tournaments
  2. Similar to the TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021, regional rankings will be applied this season, and we are welcoming Pakistan and North Africa as a new region where total of 16 regions around the world.
  3. Global Finals(TEKKEN World Tour 2022 Finals) will be held

* Schedule

  1. Regional Qualifying: June 24 to October 2
  2. Regional Finals: Early October - Mid-December
  3. TWT 2022 Finals (Global Finals): early 2023

* Tournament Tier

  • "Master" and "Dojo" are major tiers.
  • New tiers such as "Master Prime" and "Dojo Prime" tiers are established for higher points in each tier.

* Point Systems

  • Highest points earned in Master + top 4 best points earned in Dojo will count toward ranking
    • Master / Master Prime: Region-free
    • Dojo / Dojo Prime: Region-lock.

* Regional Finals

  • The availability of regional finals and the number of top ranking players who advance to the regional finals will vary by region.

# What is the tournaments tier "Master" in TWT2022?

  • Large-scale community tournaments
  • Five offline tournaments around the world officially announced by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

* Points awarded

  • "EVO 2022" is the most points you can earn in the "Master Prime".

* Ranking Aggregation

  • Regardless of entry region, the highest points earned in Master are counted

# What is the definition of "Dojo" tier in TWT2022?

  • Community tournaments applied by the organizer and approved by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • Supporting both online and offline tournaments

* Points awarded

  • Awarded according to the number of entries
  • For "Dojo Prime," it can earn higher points regardless of the number of participants. It would be approved by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. as Dojo Prime.

* Ranking Aggregation

  • Top 4 best points earned in Dojo within the entry region will be counted

# What is "TEKKEN World Tour?"

  • This is the most prestigious tournament circuit in the "TEKKEN 7" esports scene, where players from all over the world compete for ranking points through tournament events held by fighting game communities around the world. It is to determine the annual winner.
  • In 2020 and 2021, the TEKKEN Online Challenge, an online-focused tournament circuit, was held in 14 regions around the world due to COVID19, but the TEKKEN World Tour brand will return after the 2019 season!