Code of Conduct

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s this Code of Conduct was created to help ensure a safe, friendly, and inviting experience for all players. This Code of Conduct applies to all our online and in-person events, and applies when participants or attendees participate in or communicate about our events.

    Prohibited Behavior
  • Cheating, colluding with other players, hacking, using exploits, or any other behavior aimed at obtaining an unfair advantage or disrupting the operation of the event.
  • Harassment, bullying, intimidation, or engaging in hate speech or making statements about race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.
  • Violence, threats of violence, or any activity that is immoral, unethical, disgraceful, or contrary to common standards of decency.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted behavior towards other attendees, including sexual advances, comments, photography, or physical contact.
  • Engaging in conduct determined by us which may reflect unfavorably on us or its partners.
  • Failure to obey any rules of event venues or instructions from event staff.
  • Possession of weapons or illegal substances.
  • Any violation of law.
  • Any other behavior deemed by us or event staff to be inappropriate.

Violation of this Code of Conduct may lead to disqualification, expulsion from the event, a ban from participating in any future events, suspension of associated player game accounts, removal of any travel coverage, forfeit of prize money, or prosecution by the appropriate authorities. All decisions by us or event staff are final.