03/27/2023 [TEKKEN World Tour 2023] Applications for the Dojo event are now being accepted!

▼Tournament Organizers:

Now accepting Dojo Tournament applications for TEKKEN World Tour 2023! ⇒Click here to Apply

  • We are currently accepting applications for the first round of Dojo Tournaments that meet the following criteria:
    1. Held between March 31, 2023 and August 31, 2023 (Tournaments after these dates may be considered at a later time)
    2. Offline, open-entry tournaments that meet the requirements
    3. 16 or more entrants
    4. Live stream of the tournament, with public VODs available afterward

▼TEKKEN World Tour 2023 Features

Changes From Last Season

  1. Points can only be earned in offline tournaments (online tournaments are not eligible)
  2. The tour is not region locked (there are no restrictions on earning points based on residency/location)
  3. Rankings are global and not separated by region
  4. The top 19 globally ranked players and top 1 final qualifier will advance to the TEKKEN World Tour 2023 Finals


  1. Preliminary Circuit: 3/31-8/31 (Full schedule to be released at a later date)
  2. Finals: TEKKEN World Tour 2023 Global Finals (Details to be released at a later date)

Tournament Category

  • Each competition is divided into four major categories
    1. Master+: Sanctioned tournaments with a very high number of participants, receiving the highest point distribution
    2. Master: Large tournaments that distribute a considerable amount of points
    3. Challenger: Mid-sized tournaments that earns a moderate amount of points
    4. Dojo:Community-run local competition where the point distribution scales based on the number of participants
      • Number of entrants:16+/32+/48+/64+/96+

Point System

  • The total points from the following tournaments will be reflected in a player's ranking.  ⇒Point Chart
    1. Master+: Points are earned from a player's top Master+ tournament placement
    2. Master: Points are earned from a player's top two (2) Master tournament placements
    3. Challenger: Points are earned from a player's top two (3) Challenger tournament placements
    4. Dojo: Points are earned from the top four (4) Dojo tournament placements

▼What is the TEKKEN World Tour?

  • The TEKKEN World Tour is the most prestigious tournament circuit for TEKKEN 7 Esports. Established in 2017, the Fighting Game Community holds tournaments around the world, where players can compete for tour points to determine the strongest player of the year.